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This is a full list of abbreviations for organisations and other activities of relevance to Re.ViCa and VISCED.

A number of technical abbreviations are added - these do not link to wiki pages. They are included as they are codes to avoid when creating or selecting codes for institutions and other entities.

Two-character codes are discouraged except when they are country codes but some are so common that we have been forced to adopt them.

Single-character codes are forbidden as they are used for various technical purposes.

Editors! Always check abbreviations first with Google and Acronym finder! Also consider whether the meaning of the abbreviation (out of the range of possible ones) is the most appropriate one (within the VISCED and Re.ViCa context) for it.


(other than 2-character country codes and 1-character codes for technical use)

The following list has been extracted from the list developed for The e-University Compendium and then further developed.

It is aimed to contain the standard abbreviations for all entities, institutions, programmes (especially MELIs etc) and projects of interest in the countries of most interest - plus for open/distance teaching universities across the world.

  1. AABSC stands for the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business
  2. AAE stands for the Association of Academic E-learning (Poland)
  3. AAOU stands for the Asian Association of Open Universities
  4. AAU stands for Aalborg University (Denmark)
  5. ABED stands for the Brazilian Association of Distance Education
  6. ACODE stands for Australasian Council on Open, Distance and E-Learning
  7. ACU stands for Association of Commonwealth Universities; or
  8. ACU stands for Australian Catholic University; or
  9. ACU stands for Abilene Christian University (US)
  10. AIESAD stands for Asociación Iberoamericana de Educación Superior a Distancia, the Ibero-American Association of Distance Education Universities
  11. AIOU stands for the Allama Iqbal Open University (Pakistan); or
  12. AIOU stands for the Asia International Open University (Macao)
  13. AIU stands for American InterContinental University
  14. AJU stands for Andrew Jackson University‎ (US)
  15. AKAD stands for AKAD Privat-Hochschulen (Germany)
  16. ALFA stands for América Latina - Formación Académica, a programme of cooperation between higher education institutions of the European Union and Latin America
  17. ALT stands for Association for Learning Technology, focussed on the UK
  18. AMBA stands for The Association of MBAs
  19. AmSU stands for Amur State University (Russia)
  20. AMU stands for Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (Czech Republic)
  21. ANCED stands for the Asociación Nacional de Centros de e-Learning y Distancia (Spain)
  22. AOU stands for the Arab Open University
  23. APAAL stands for Albanian Public Agency for accreditation of Higher Education (Agjencia Publike e Akreditimit të Arsimit të Lartë)
  24. APQN stands for Asia-Pacific Quality Network
  25. AQF stands for Australian Qualifications Framework
  26. ARIADNE stands for Alliance of Remote Instructional Authoring and Distribution Networks for Europe
  27. ARIEL stands for Analysing and Reporting the Implementation of Electronic Learning in Europe
  28. ArmeLNet stands for Armenian E-learning Network
  29. ASEAN stands for Association of Southeast Asian Nations
  30. ASHE stands for Agency for Science and Higher Education, Croatia
  31. ATN stands for Australian Technology Network (of universities)
  32. AU stands for Australia (the country) or:
  33. AU (DK) stands for Aarhus University (Denmark) (we do not use the two-letter abbreviation) - or:
  34. AU (CA) stands for Athabasca University (Canada) (we do not use the two-letter abbreviation) - or:
  35. AU stands for Ashford University (US)
  36. AUCC stands for the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada
  37. AUEB stands for Athens University of Economics and Business (Greece)
  38. AUF stands for Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (France)
  39. AUGent stands for Ghent University Association (Belgium)
  40. AUHA stands for Associatie Universiteit & Hogescholen Antwerpen (Belgium)
  41. AUHL stands for Associatie Universiteit-Hogescholen Limburg (Belgium)
  42. AULP stands for Associação das Universidades de Língua Portuguesa (Association of Universities in the Language of Portuguese)
  43. AUO stands for Ashford University Online
  44. AUQA stands for the Australian Universities Quality Agency
  45. AUT stands for Auckland University of Technology - no longer for Association of University Teachers which does not exist now
  46. AUTH stands for Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)
  47. AVU stands for African Virtual University
  48. AZUN stands for Arizona Universities Network (US)
  49. BAOU stands for Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University (Turkey)
  50. BAU stand for Al-Balqa' Applied University (Jordan)
  51. BAWEST stands for Business Academy West (Denmark)
  52. Bb stands for Blackboard, a Virtual learning environment
  53. BBE stands for Business of Borderless Education (report)
  54. BCOU stands for British Columbia Open University (now absorbed into Thompson Rivers University)
  55. BEACON stands for Brazilian-European Consortium for DTT Services
  56. Becta or formerly BECTa stands for British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (UK) but the long form is rarely used now
  57. BEING MOBILE stands for Disseminating Virtual Mobility for Students and Teachers
  58. BELNET stands for the Belgian Research and Education Network
  59. BFSU stands for Beijing Foreign Studies University (China)
  60. BI stands for BI Norwegian School of Management; or
  61. BI stands for Burundi, Africa
  62. BME stands for Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary)
  63. BMUKK stands for Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur/ Federal_Ministry_for_Education,_Arts_and_Culture (Austria)
  64. BMWF stands for Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft und Forschung / Federal Ministry of Science and Research (Austria)
  65. BNU stands for Beijing Normal University (China)
  66. BOU stands for the Bangladesh Open University
  67. BRAOU stands for the Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University (India)
  68. BSEC stands for Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation
  69. BTVU stands for Beijing Radio & TV University‎ (China)
  70. BVU stands for Bulgarian Virtual University or Best Virtual Universities Organisation
  71. CANARIE stands for Canadian Network for the Advancement of Research, Industry and Education, the NREN in Canada
  72. CANEGE stands for CAmpus Numerique en Economie-GEstion (France)
  73. CARADOL stands for the Caribbean Association for Distance and Open Learning
  74. CARET stands for the Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies at the University of Cambridge
  75. CARICOM stands for Caribbean Community
  76. CBS stands for Copenhagen Business School
  77. CBU stands for Cape Breton University
  78. CCC stands for Coastline Community College (US)
  79. CCCOnline stands for Colorado Community Colleges Online (US)
  80. CCDL stands for Cross Cultural Distance Learning, an international consortium
  81. CCi stands for Corinthian Colleges, Inc. (US)
  82. CCRTVU stands for the China Central Radio & TV University
  83. CCSNH stands for Community College System of New Hampshire (US)
  84. Cederj stands for Center for Distance Learning of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
  85. CEF stands for Centro estudios financieros (Spain)
  86. CELI stands for Ceased E-Learning Initiative
  87. CERNET stands for the China Education and Research Network
  88. CETIS stands for Centre for Educational Technology Interoperability Standards but the long form is rarely used now (UK)
  89. CEU stands for Central European University (Hungary)
  90. CEVU stands for Collaborative European Virtual University
  91. CHEA stands for Council for Higher Education Accreditation (US) - agency
  92. CHEI stands for Council for Higher Education (Israel)
  93. CHEMS stands for Commonwealth Higher Education Management Service - now ceased
  94. CICEI stands for Centro de Innovación para la Sociedad de la Información (Innovation Center for the Information Society) (Canary Islands; Spain)
  95. CIFFAD stands for Consortium International Francophone de Formation a Distance
  96. CMEC stands for the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada
  97. CMU stands for Carnegie Mellon University (US)
  98. CNAM stands for Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers (France)
  99. CNAVES was the Portuguese agency for quality in higher education. It closed in 2007 and is now replaced by another body.
  100. CNED stands for Centre National d'Enseignement à Distance. In French the abbreviation is Cned (France)
  101. CNFD stands for Campus Numérique Francophone de Dakar (Senegal)
  102. COL stands for Commonwealth of Learning (Canada)
  103. COME stands for Warsaw University Centre for Open and Multimedia Education (Poland)
  104. CPLP stands for Comunidade dos Países de Língua Portuguesa (Community of Portuguese Language Countries)
  105. CRTVU stands for China Central Radio & TV University
  106. CRUP stands for Conselho de Reitores das Universidades Portuguesas (Portugal)
  107. CSF stands for Critical success factor
  108. CSU stands for Charles Sturt University (Australia)
  109. CSVM stands for Cross Sector Virtual Mobility
  110. CTDLC stands for Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium (US)
  111. CTU stands for Czech Technical University in Prague (Czech Republic); or
  112. CTU stands for Colorado Technical University (US)
  113. CU Online stands for Colorado University Online (US)
  114. CU stands for Charles University (Czech Republic)
  115. CU stands for Cyber University (Japan)
  116. CUTV stands for Carleton University Television (Canada)
  117. CVA-RICESU stands for Comunidade Virtual de Aprendizagem Rede de Instituições Católicas de Ensino Superior (Brazil)
  118. CVC stands for California Virtual Campus (US)
  119. CVG stands for Campus Virtuel en Gestion (Belgium)
  120. CVU stands for Canadian Virtual University; or
  121. CVU stands for Clyde Virtual University (Scotland)
  122. D2L stands for Desire2Learn, a Virtual learning environment
  123. DBIS stands for the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills of the UK, which oversees universities and colleges
  124. DCSF is the Department for Children, Schools and Families of the UK
  125. DCU stands for Dublin City University (Ireland) - the host of OSCAIL
  126. DDU stands for the Dutch Digital University in English - see also DU, commonly used in the Netherlands
  127. DEASA stands for the Distance Education Association of Southern Africa
  128. DEEWR stands for the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (Australia)
  129. DELNI stands for the Department for Employment and Learning (Northern Ireland)
  130. DELOS stands for Developing a European e-learning Observation System
  131. DESC stands for Distance Education Study Centre (Latvia)
  132. DEST is a department now merged into DEEWR
  133. DETYA stood for Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs (Australia), later called DEST
  134. DfE - and also DFE - stand for the new Department for Education of England in the UK
  135. DfEE stands for the former Department for Education and Employment of the UK, a very old name for DfES
  136. DfES stands for the former Department for Education and Skills of the UK, now split into DCSF and DIUS
  137. DFID stands for Department for International Development of the UK
  138. DCU stands for Daegu Cyber University (South Korea)
  139. DGAU stands for Dennis Gabor Applied University (Hungary)
  140. DISC stands for Distance and International Study Center (Germany) - a.k.a. ZFUW
  141. DIUS is the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills of the UK
  142. DTU stands for Technical University of Denmark
  143. DU stands for University of Delhi (India); or
  144. DU stands for Dutch Digital University
  145. DVD stands for Digital Versatile Disk (no longer Digital Video Disk)
  146. DVU stands for Danish Virtual University - see also DVUNI
  147. E.A.S.Y. stands for Agency for Easy Access to Virtual Campus
  148. EADL stands for European Association for Distance Learning
  149. EADTU stands for the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities
  150. EBS stands for Estonian Business School Open University
  151. ECDVU stands for Early Childhood Development Virtual University
  152. eChina stands for the Sino-UK eLearning Programme
  153. ECTS stands for European Credit Transfer System, sometimes called the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System
  154. EDEN stands for European Distance and E-Learning Network
  155. EDHEC stands for École De Hautes Études Commerciales du Nord (France)
  156. EDI stands for Ensino a Distância para a Itinerância (Portugal)
  157. EdiNet stands for E-learning in Distributed Data Network Laboratory
  158. eduGI stands for Reuse and Sharing of e-Learning Courses in GI Science Education
  159. EEA stands for the European Economic Area
  160. EELU stands for Egyptian E-Learning University
  161. EeU stands for Estonian e-University
  162. EEZ stands for the European Economic Zone of EU, EEA and Switzerland
  163. EFMD stands fro European Foundation for Management Development
  164. EFQM stands for European Foundation for Quality Management
  165. EhB stands for Erasmus University College Brussels (Belgium)
  166. EITSA stands for Estonian Information Technology Foundation
  167. EKTF stands for Eszterházy Károly College (Hungary)
  168. ELDDA stands for e-Learning Digital Dashboard
  169. eLene-TT stands for e-Learning Network for Teacher Training
  170. e-LERU stands for League of European Research Universities virtual campus
  171. ELTE stands for Eotvos Lorant University (Hungary)
  172. ELUE stands for Improving quality of e-learning in universities
  173. ELWA stood for Education and Learning Wales but is no longer used - see HEFCW
  174. EML stands for Educational Markup Language
  175. eMM and EMM stand for the e-Learning Maturity Model for benchmarking e-learning
  176. E-move stands for An Operational Conception of Virtual Mobility
  177. EMTC stands for E. mokymosi technologijų centras, in English e-Learning Technology Centre at Kaunas University of Technology
  178. ENQA stands for the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education
  179. EPICS stands for European Portal for International Courses and Services for Virtual Erasmus
  180. EQO stands for European Quality Observatory
  181. EQUEL stands for E-quality in e-learning research Laboratoire
  182. EQUIS stands for European Quality Improvement System
  183. eRNIST stands for European Research Network for ICT in Schools of Tomorrow
  184. ESC stands for Empire State College (US)
  185. ESEN stands for European Small and medium entreprise E-learning Network
  186. ESMOS stands for Enhancing Student Mobility through Online Support
  187. ESP-T stands for English for Specific Purposes: Therapeutic Professions
  188. ESRC stands for Economic and Social Research Council (UK)
  189. ETT.Campus stands for European Teachers and Trainers campus
  190. e-Ttnet stands for Training of trainers network for e-learning
  191. EU stands for European Union
  192. e-U stands for the UK e-University (the one that became UKeU)
  193. EUA stands for European University Association
  194. EUC stands for Electronic University Consortium of South Dakota‎ (US)
  195. EUNITE stands for European Universities Network for IT in Education
  196. e-URBs stands for European Master in Comparative Urban Studies
  197. Euro-FH stands for Europaische Fernhochschule Hamburg (Germany)
  198. EUROMOVE stands for European Mobility through Virtual Education
  199. EuroPACE stands for European Professional Association for Collaboration in E-Learning
  200. EVENE stands for Erasmus Virtual Economics & Management Studies Exchange
  201. EVICAB stands for European Virtual Campus for Biomedical Engineering
  202. EWNI stands for England, Wales and Northern Ireland treated as one - the home nations of the UK other than Scotland
  203. FADE stands for the Finnish Association for Distance Education
  204. FATECE stands for Faculdade de Tecnologia, Ciências e Educação (Brazil)
  205. FC stands for Fisheries College, Bac Ninh (Vietnam)
  206. FCCJ stands for Florida Community College Jacksonville
  207. FE stands for Further Education (post-school, non-degree courses)
  208. Fe-ConE stands for Framework for e-learning Contents Evaluation
  209. FELI stands for Failed E-Learning Initiative
  210. FernFH stands for Ferdinand Porsche FernFH (Austria)
  211. FernUni Hagen stands for FernUniversität in Hagen (Germany)
  212. FFHS stands for Fernfachhochschule Schweiz (Switzerland)
  213. FGV stands for Fundação Getúlio Vargas - see FGV Online (Brazil)
  214. FIED stands for Fédération Interuniversitaire de l'Enseignement à Distance (France)
  215. FILTER stands for Economic filtering of knowledge
  216. FSM stands for the Federated States of Micronesia (a country)
  217. FUNDP stands for Facultés Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix (Belgium)
  218. FUNIBER stands for Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana (Brazil)
  219. FUSL stands for Facultés universitaires Saint-Louis (Belgium)
  220. FVU stands for Finnish Virtual University
  221. G-20 stands for the Group of Twenty countries
  222. G8 stands for the Group of Eight countries
  223. GANE ' is the "gran acuerdo nacional por la educacion" in Chile.
  224. GELI stands for Giant E-Learning Initiative
  225. GPIDEA stands for Great Plains IDEA (US)
  226. GROE stands for the project Global Resources for Online Education
  227. Group T stands for Group T-International University College Leuven (Belgium)
  228. GTCS stands for Georgia Technical College System (US)
  229. GU8 stands for Global U8 Consortium
  230. GUA stands for Global University Alliance, but this phrase has multiple meanings
  231. GUS stands for The Global university system
  232. GVTC stands for Georgia Virtual Technical College (US)
  233. GVU stands for Global Virtual University
  234. HCMCOU stands for Ho Chi Minh City Open University (Vietnam)
  235. HE stands for Higher Education (universities and similar institutions)
  236. HECS stands for the Higher Education Contribution Scheme, now replaced by the Higher Education Loan Programme (HELP)
  237. HEFCE stands for Higher Education Funding Council for England (UK)
  238. HEFCW stands for Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (UK)
  239. HEI stands for Higher Education Institution
  240. HELIOS stands for Horizontal E-Learning Integrated Observation System
  241. HERO stands for Higher Education and Research Opportunities (UK)
  242. HES stands for Harvard University Extension School (US)
  243. HESA stands for Higher Education South Africa, an association of Rectors
  244. HETAC stands for the Higher Education and Training Awards Council (Ireland)
  245. HEXTLEARN stands for Higher Education Exploring ICT use for Lifelong Learning
  246. HFH stands for Hamburger Fern-Hochschule (Austria)
  247. HFH stands for Hamburger Fern-Hochschule (Germany)
  248. HiG stands for University of Gävle - Högskolan i Gävle (Sweden)
  249. HiST stands for Sør-Trøndelag University College (Norway)
  250. HKU stands for University of Hong Kong
  251. HKVU stands for Hong Kong Virtual University
  252. HKCyberU stands for the Hong Kong Cyber University at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  253. HNRTVU or Henan RTV stands for Henan Radio & TV University‎ (China)
  254. HOU (GR) stands for the Hellenic Open University (Greece) or:
  255. HOU (VT) stands for the Hanoi Open University (Vietnam)
  256. Howest stands for University College West Flanders (Belgium)
  257. HSUM stands for Health Sciences University of Mongolia
  258. HUBrussel stands for Hogeschool-Universiteit_Brussel (Belgium)
  259. HUT used to be used for Helsinki University of Technology (Finland) but TKK (Teknillinen KorkeaKoulu) is preferred
  260. HW stands for Heriot-Watt University
  261. HYCU stands for Hanyang Cyber University (South Korea)
  262. IAD stands for Scuola per l'Istruzione a Distanza or Scuola IaD, (Italy)
  263. IAU stands for International Association of Universities
  264. IBA stands for International Business Academy (Denmark)
  265. IBC stands for International Business College (Denmark)
  266. ICDE stands for the International Council for Open and Distance Education
  267. ICDL stands for the former International Centre for Distance Learning (at UKOU) - the database is still available to subscribers
  268. ICETEL stands for Improving Continuing Education and Training through e-learning
  269. IDCE stands for the [[[Institute of Distance and Continuing Education]http://www.uog.edu.gy/schools/idce]]
  270. IEC stands for the Idaho Electronic Campus
  271. IGNOU stands for Indira Gandhi National Open University (India)
  272. IHA stands for Engineering College of Aarhus (Denmark)
  273. IHK stands for Copenhagen University College of Engineering (Denmark)
  274. IHOU stands for International Hispanic Online University
  275. IIT stands for Indian Institute of Technology (India); or
  276. IIT stands for Institute of Information Technology (Vietnam) - see also IOIT
  277. ILCCO stands for Illinois Community Colleges Online (US)
  278. IMRTVU stands for Inner Mongolia Radio & TV University
  279. IMS used to stand for Instructional Management System (the initials IMS are no longer an acronym)
  280. iNACOL stands for the International Association for K-12 Online Learning
  281. INQAAHE stands for International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education
  282. IOCCOC stands for Iowa Community College Online Consortium (US)
  283. IOIT stands for Institute of Information Technology (Vietnam) - see also IIT
  284. IOU stands for Intercultural Open University (based in the Netherlands)
  285. IQAA stands for Independent Quality Assurance Agency (based in South Africa)
  286. ISI stands for Independent Study in Idaho (US)
  287. ITESM stands for Instituto Tecnologico Superior de Monterrey - see Tecnológico de Monterrey (Mexico)
  288. ITIU stansd for Università telematica internazionale UNINETTUNO
  289. ITU stands for IT-University of Copenhagen (Denmark)
  290. It-vest stands for IT University West (Denmark)
  291. IU stands for Indiana University Online
  292. IUA stands for the Irish Universities Association (Ireland) (Republic)
  293. IVC stands for the Illinois Virtual Campus (US)
  294. JANET stands for Joint Academic NETwork (alleged originally to be a name significant to one of the original developers) (UK)
  295. JIU stands for Jones International University
  296. JKU stands for Johannes Kepler Universität Linz (Austria)
  297. JPPSG stands for Joint Procurement Policy and Strategy Group (UK Higher Education)
  298. JSTVU stands for Jiangsu Radio & TV University (China)
  299. KaHo Sint-Lieven stands for Katholieke Hogeschool Sint-Lieven/Catholic University College Ghent(Belgium)
  300. KAREN stands for Kiwi Advanced Research and Education Network
  301. KHiS stands for Kommuner och Hogskolor i Samverkan (Sweden)
  302. KHK stands for KH Kempen University College (Belgium)
  303. KHLim stands for Katholieke Hogeschool Limburg or Limburg Catholic University College in English (Belgium)
  304. KIIB&M stands for Kuban Institute of International Business and Management (Russia)
  305. KIU stands for Knowledge International University (Saudi Arabia)
  306. KKHSOU stands for K. K. Handique State University or K. K. Handique State Open University (India)
  307. KNOU stands for Korea National Open University
  308. KSF stands for Key success factor
  309. KSOU stands for Karnataka State Open University
  310. KTH stands for KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden)
  311. KU (DK) stands for University of Copenhagen (Denmark) (we do not use the two-letter abbreviation) - or:
  312. KU (KE) stands for Kenyatta University (Kenya) (we do not use the two-letter abbreviation) - or:
  313. KU (US) stands for Kaplan College or Kaplan University (US) (we do not use the two-letter abbreviation)
  314. KYVC and KYVU stand for Kentucky Virtual University (US)
  315. LATWF stands for the Learning and Technology World Forum, a series of conferences held each January in London, UK
  316. LCUC stands for Limburg Catholic University College (Belgium)
  317. LERU stands for League of European Research Universities
  318. LieDM or LIEDM stands for Lithuanian National Distance Education Network
  319. LIFE stands for Learning Interoperability Framework for Europe
  320. LiU stands for Linköping University
  321. LIVIUS stands for Learning in a Virtual Integrated University
  322. LLP stands for Lifelong Learning Programme
  323. LOI stands for Leidse Onderwijsinstellingen (Netherlands)
  324. LSDA stands for the former Learning and Skills Development Agency (UK) - now split into LSN and QIA
  325. LTSC stands for Learning Technology Standards Committee (of IEEE)
  326. LU stands for Luxembourg (the country) or:
  327. LU (CA) stands for Lakehead University (Canada) (we do not use the two-letter abbreviation) - or:
  328. LU (CA) stands for Laurentian University (Canada) (we do not use the two-letter abbreviation)
  329. LVU stands for Lithuanian Virtual University
  330. MASSIVE stands for Modelling Advice and Support Services to Integrate Virtual Component in Higher Education
  331. MASTER stand for Mobility, Assessment, Selection, Technology and E-Learning Research
  332. MCO stands for Massachusetts Colleges Online (US)
  333. MEDIU stands for Al-Madinah International University (Philippines)
  334. MELI stands for Major E-Learning Initiative
  335. MENU stands for Model for a European Networked University for e-Learning
  336. MESC stands for Ministry of Education, Sports & Culture (Samoa)
  337. MESI stands for Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics (Russia)
  338. MEWAC stands for Ministry of Education, Women Affairs and Culture (Tonga)
  339. MEXT stands for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Japan)
  340. MIT stands for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (US)
  341. MOO stands for Multi-User Dungeons, Object Oriented
  342. MoreVM stands for Ready for Virtual Mobility
  343. MOVINTER stands for Enhancing Virtual Mobility to foster institutional cooperation and internationalisation of curricula
  344. MPBOU stands for Madhya Pradesh Bhoj Open University (India)
  345. MSU stands for Michigan State University (US)
  346. MTA SZTAKI stands for MTA SZTAKI Computer and Automation Research Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  347. MU stands for Masaryk University (Czech Republic)
  348. MUS stands for Montana University System‎ (US)
  349. MUW stands for Medizinische Universität Wien (Austria)
  350. MVHS stands for Michigan Virtual High School (US) - see Michigan Virtual University
  351. MVS stands for Michigan Virtual School (US) - see Michigan Virtual University
  352. MVU (US) stands for Michigan Virtual University (US) - or:
  353. MVU stands for Mediterranean Virtual University, a consortium
  354. NADE (NO) stands for the Norwegian Association for Distance Education or:
  355. NADE (LT) stands for the National Association of Distance Education in Lithuania
  356. NAHE stands for the Swedish National Association for Higher Education
  357. NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  358. NCSL stands for National College for School Leadership in the UK
  359. NCU stands for Northcentral University (US)
  360. NDEC stands for the National Distance Education Centre of Ireland - see also Oscail in Irish
  361. NDMA stands for Nacionaline distancinio mokymo asociacija, in English National Association of Distance Education
  362. NDUSO‎ stands for North Dakota University System Online‎ (US)
  363. NELI stands for Notable E-Learning Initiative
  364. NetACTIVE stands for AIESAD-EADTU Credit Transfer In Virtual and Distance Education
  365. NEXus stands for The Nursing Education Xchange (US)
  366. NGLC stands for Next Generation Learning Challenges
  367. NIME stands for the National Institute of Multimedia Education (Japan)
  368. NJVU stands for New Jersey Virtual University (US)
  369. NKI stands for NKI Nettstudier, formerly known as NKI Fjernundervisning or NKI Distance Education, the main distance learning provider in Norway
  370. NKS stands for NKS Nettstudier, sometimes called NKS Distance Education (Norway) (to be carefully distinguished from NKI)
  371. NMMU stands for Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (South Africa)
  372. NOKUT stands for Nasjonalt organ for kvalitet i utdanningen, the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education
  373. NOU stands for Norway Opening Universities, the innovation programme in e-learning for HE in Norway - or:
  374. NOU stands for National Open University of Taiwan
  375. NOUN stands for the National Open University of Nigeria
  376. NPTEL stands for National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (India)
  377. NQAI stands for the National Qualifications Authority of Ireland
  378. NREN stands for National Research and Education Network
  379. NSHU stands for the Swedish Agency for Networks and Cooperation in Higher Education, formerly called the Swedish Net University Agency - be careful to distinguish this from NHSU, the NHS University of the UK
  380. NSOU stands for Netaji Subhas Open University (India)
  381. NSU stands for Nova Southeastern University (US)
  382. NTOEC stands for Northern Territory Open Education Centre (Australia)
  383. NTUU stands for National Technical University of Ukraine
  384. NUCCAT stands for Northern Universities Consortium for Credit Accumulation and Transfer
  385. NUDC stands for National Universities Degree Consortium (US)
  386. NUS stands for National University of Singapore
  387. NUST stands for National University of Science and Technology (Zimbabwe)
  388. NUU stands for National University of Uzbekistan
  389. NVU stands for Norwegian Networked University, an association in Norway
  390. NWPI stands for North-West State Correspondence Technical University (Russia)
  391. NWU stands for North-West University (South Africa)
  392. NZQA stands for the New Zealand Qualifications Authority
  393. OBHE stands for the Observatory on Borderless Higher Education
  394. OCCDL stands for Oregon Community Colleges Distance Learning (US)
  395. ODLAA stands for the Open and distance learning association of Australia
  396. ODU stands for Old Dominion University (US)
  397. OECD stands for Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
  398. OECS stands for Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States
  399. OEF stands for Open Estonia Foundation
  400. OER stands for Open Educational Resources
  401. OHO stands for Open Hoger Onderwijs (Belgium)
  402. OHSU stands for Open High School of Utah[([US]])
  403. OISE stands for the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education - part of the University of Toronto (Canada)
  404. OKI stands for Open Knowledge Initiative
  405. OLA stands for Open Learning Agency (British Columbia) – to be closed. It could also stand for Open Learning Australia
  406. OLN stands for Ohio Learning Network‎ (US)
  407. OLCOS stands for Open e-Learning Content Observatory Services
  408. OLF stands for Open Learning Foundation in the United Kingdom
  409. OLIF stands for the Online Learning Innovation Fund of the UK
  410. OLTF stands for Online Learning Task Force of the UK, the name name for the Online Learning Innovation Fund
  411. OPENU stands for Open University of Israel (Israel) - also OUI
  412. OPNZ stands for the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand
  413. ORMEE stands for Observatory on Rights Management for e-Learning in Europe
  414. OSU (CZ) stands for University of Ostrava (Czech Republic) - or:
  415. OSU (RU) Orenburg State University (Russia)
  416. OTEN stands for Open Training and Education Network (Australia)
  417. OU Libya stands for Open University of Libya (Libya)
  418. OU is a common abbreviation for UK Open University - we try to use UKOU instead
  419. OUA stands for Open Universities Australia -- formerly Open Learning Australia
  420. OUBS stands for Open University Business School in Denmark (Denmark)
  421. OUC (CY) stands for Open University of Cyprus (Cyprus) or:
  422. OUC (US) stands for Online University Consortium (US)
  423. OUHK stands for Open University of Hong Kong
  424. OUI stands for Open University of Israel - also, OPENU
  425. OUJ stands for the Open University of Japan, formerly the University of the Air
  426. OUM stands for Open University of Malaysia (Malaysia)
  427. OUN stands for Open Universiteit Nederland
  428. OUNR stands for Open University National Role (UK)
  429. OUS stands for the Open University of Sudan
  430. OUSL stands for the Open University of Sri Lanka
  431. OUT stands for the Open University of Tanzania
  432. OUWB stands for Ohio University Without Boundaries (US)
  433. P2PU stands for Peer 2 Peer University (US)
  434. PAAHE stands for Albanian Public Agency for accreditation of Higher Education
  435. PANdora stands for Pan Asia Networking distance and open resource access, a study project
  436. PBP-VC stands for Promoting Best Practice in Virtual Campuses
  437. PHL stands for PHL University College (Belgium)
  438. PI stands for Greek Pedagogical Institute
  439. PKA stands for Polish Accreditation Committee (Polska Komisja Akredytacyjna)
  440. PLATO stands for ICT Platform for Online Learning and Experiences Accreditation in the Mobility Programme
  441. PLM-OU stands for Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila Open University (Philippines)
  442. PnM or PNM stand for Pick&Mix
  443. PNU stands for Payame Noor University (Iran)
  444. PolyU stands for Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  445. PPIU stands for Phnom Penh International University (Cambodia)
  446. PROMETEUS stands for PROmoting Multimedia access to Education and Training in EUropean Society
  447. PRTVU stands for one of the provincial-level Radio & TV universities in China
  448. PSSOU stands Pandit Sunderlal Sharma Open University (India)
  449. PSU stands for Pennsylvania State University (US) - see Penn State World Campus
  450. PUP OU stands for Polytechnic University of the Philippines Open University System (Philippines)
  451. PUW stands for Polski Uniwersytet Wirtualny, the Polish Virtual University
  452. QA stands for quality assurance
  453. QAA stands for Quality Assurance Agency (for Higher Education in the UK)
  454. QCA stands for Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (UK)
  455. QM stands for Quality Matters
  456. QOU stands for Al-Quds Open University (Palestine)
  457. QUADEM stands for Quality Assessment of Digital Educational Materials
  458. QUAL-E-LEARNING stands for La qualité de l'eLearning
  459. QUT stands for Queensland University of Technology (Australia)
  460. REVE stands for REal Virtual Erasmus
  461. RGU stands for Robert Gordon University (Scotland), (UK)
  462. RIO stands for Reusable Information Object (as at Cisco)
  463. RLO stands for Reusable Learning Object (as at Cisco)
  464. RMIT stands for Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (former name for RMIT) (Australia)
  465. RRU stands for Royal Roads University (Canada)
  466. RUC stands for Roskilde University (Denmark)
  467. SAIDE stands for South African Institute for Distance Education
  468. SAIDI stands for Southeast Asia Interdisciplinary Development Institute School of Organization Development (Philippines)
  469. SCAD stands for Savannah College of Art and Design (US)
  470. SCONUL stands for Society of College, National and University Libraries
  471. SCORM stands for Sharable Course (or Courseware or Content) Object Reference Model
  472. SCQF stands for Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (UK)
  473. SCRTVU stands for Sichuan Radio & TV University (China) - see also SRTVU
  474. SCU stands for Southern Cross University (Australia)
  475. Scuola IaD stands for Scuola per l'Istruzione a Distanza, University of Rome Tor Vergata (Italy)
  476. SDT stands for Sulinet Digital Knowledge Base (Hungary)
  477. SDU (DK) stands for University of Southern Denmark (Denmark) - or:
  478. SDU (KR) stands for Seoul Digital University (Korea)
  479. SEAMOLEC stands for South Asian Minister of Education Organization Regional Open Learning Center (Indonesia)
  480. SEEL stands for Supporting Excellence in eLearning
  481. SEEQUEL stands for Sustainable Environment for the Evaluation of Quality in eLearning
  482. SEFI stands for European Society for Engineering Education
  483. SEU stands for Southeast University (Bangladesh)
  484. SFC stands for the Scottish Funding Council (UK)
  485. SFEFC stood for the former Scottish Further Education Funding Council, now part of the Scottish Funding Council (UK)
  486. SFU stands for Simon Fraser University, in Vancouver (Canada)
  487. SHEFC stands for the former Scottish Higher Education Funding Council, now part of the Scottish Funding Council (UK)
  488. SHTVU stands for Shanghai TV University - see also STVU
  489. SHU stands for Sheffield Hallam University (UK)
  490. SLN stands for SUNY Learning Network (US)
  491. SPC stands for St. Petersburg College (US)
  492. SREB stands for Southern Regional Electronic Board (Electronic Campus)
  493. SRTVU stands for Sichuan Radio & TV University (China) - see also SCRTVU
  494. STOU stands for Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University (Thailand)
  495. STVU stands for Shanghai TV University - see also SHTVU
  496. SUA stands for Sokoine University of Agriculture (Tanzania)
  497. SUNY stands for State University of New York
  498. SURF stands for the Dutch educational network (Netherlands)
  499. SURFnet stands for SURF network (Netherlands)
  500. SVC stands for Swiss Virtual Campus
  501. SVU stands for Syrian Virtual University
  502. SWANI stands for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland treated as one
  503. SXRTVU stands for Shaanxi Radio and Television University (China)
  504. SYTVU stands for Shenyang Radio & TV University (China)
  505. TDU stand for Thematic Digital Universities (France)
  506. TechBC stand for the former Technical University of British Columbia (Canada)
  507. TÉLUQ (and various variants) stands for the Télé-université du Québec, now part of the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)
  508. TGOU stands for the The Global Open University of Zambia
  509. TJRTVU stands for Tianjin Radio & TV University (China)
  510. TKK stands for Helsinki University of Technology (Teknillinen korkeakoulu)
  511. TLF stands for the Tiger Leap Foundation (Estonia)
  512. TLTP stands for Teaching and Learning Technology Programme (UK)
  513. TNOU stands for Tamil Nadu Open University (India)
  514. TQEF stands for Teaching Quality Enhancement Fund (UK)
  515. TRU stands for Thompson Rivers University (Canada)
  516. TUG stands for Technical University of Graz (Austria)
  517. TUT stands for Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia) or:
  518. TUT stands for Tshwane University of Technology (South Africa)
  519. TVU stands for Tamil Virtual University (India)
  520. U21 stands for Universitas 21
  521. UA stands for Ukraine; or
  522. UA stands for Universidade de Aveiro (Portugal)
  523. UAB (BR) stands for Universidade Aberta do Brasil (Brazil)
  524. UAb (PT) stands for Universidade Aberta, the Portuguese Open University (Portugal)
  525. UAE stands for United Arab Emirates (the country)
  526. UArctic stands for University of the Arctic
  527. UB stands for University of Baltimore (US)
  528. UC3M stands for University Carlos III of Madrid
  529. UCAS stands for Universities and Colleges Admissions System (UK)
  530. UCC stands for University College Copenhagen (Denmark)
  531. UCF stands for University of Central Florida (US)
  532. UCISA stands for the Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association (UK)
  533. UCJ stands for Jutland University College (Denmark)
  534. UCL stand for University College London (UK)
  535. UCM stands for Complutensian University of Madrid
  536. UCN stands for University College of Northern Denmark (Denmark)
  537. UCOE stands for Ulyanovsk Consortium of Open Education
  538. UCOL stands for Universal College of Learning (New Zealand)
  539. UCSC stands for University of Colombo School of Computing (Sri Lanka)
  540. UCSJ stands for University College Sealand (Denmark)
  541. UCSouth stands for University College South (Denmark)
  542. UCT stands for University of Cape Town (South Africa)
  543. UDIMA stands for Universidad a distancia de Madrid, or Open University of Madrid (Spain)
  544. UEC stands for Utah e-Learning Connection (US)
  545. UEF stands for the University of Eastern Finland (Finland)
  546. UEH stands for the Université d’Etat d’Haïti
  547. Ufi (or sometimes UFI) stands for University for Industry, who deliver learndirect (UK)
  548. UFM stands for Universidad Francisco Marroquín
  549. UFS stands for University of the Free State (South Africa)
  550. UGent stands for Universiteit Gent (Belgium)
  551. UH stands for University of Hawaii System (US)
  552. UHEC stands for Utah Higher Education Consortium (US)
  553. UHI stands for University of the Highlands and Islands (Scotland) (UK)
  554. UIS stands for University of Illinois Springfield (US)
  555. UiTM stands for Universiti Teknologi MARA (Malaysia)
  556. UK stands for United Kingdom; or
  557. UK stands for the University of Kentucky (US)
  558. UKeU is the UK e-University, more properly called UK eUniversities Worldwide Limited (UK)
  559. UKEU stands for UK eUniversities Worldwide Limited, or the UK eUniversity (UK)
  560. UKOLN stands for UK Office for Library and Information Networking (UK)
  561. UKOU stands for UK Open University (UK)
  562. ULB stands for Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium)
  563. ULC stands for University College Lillebaelt (Denmark)
  564. ULg stands for University of Liege (Belgium)
  565. ULPGC stands for University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands; Spain)
  566. ULSTU stands for Ulyanovsk State Technical University
  567. UMCS stands for Maria Curie-Sklodowska University
  568. UMH stands for the Université de Mons-Hainaut (Belgium)
  569. UMinho stands for Universidade do Minho (Portugal)
  570. UMU stand for Umeå University
  571. UMUC stands for University of Maryland University College (US)
  572. UN stands for United Nations
  573. UNAD stands for Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia (Colombia)
  574. UNAM stands for Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (Mexico)
  575. UnB stands for University of Brazil (Universidade de Brasilia) (Brazil)
  576. UNE (AU) stands for University of New England (Australia) - or:
  577. UNE (US) stands for University of New England (US)
  578. UNED stands for Universidad Estatal a Distancia (Costa Rica)
  579. UNED stands for Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (Spain)
  580. UNESCO stands for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  581. UNIA stands for the International University of Andalusia (Spain)
  582. UNIACC stands for Universidad de las Artes, Ciencias, y Comunicaciones (Chile)
  583. Uniandes stands for University of the Andes (Colombia)
  584. UNIEDPA stands for Universidad Estatal a Distancia (Panama)
  585. UNINETT is the National Education and Research Network for Norway
  586. UNINETTUNO stands for the Università telematica internazionale UNINETTUNO (Italy)
  587. UNIOVI stands for University of Oviedo (Spain)
  588. UNIQUE stands for European University Quality in eLearning
  589. UNI-QM stands for European University Quality Management Tools for Lifelong Learning
  590. UniSA stands for University of South Australia (Australia)
  591. UNISA stands for the UNISA Online Campus at the University of South Africa (South Africa)
  592. UNISIM or UniSIM stands for SIM University (Singapore)
  593. UNITAR stands for Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (Malaysia)
  594. UNIURB stands for University of Urbino "Carlo Bo" (Italy)
  595. UNR stands for Universités numériques en région (France)
  596. UNT stands for Universités Numériques Thématiques (France)
  597. UOB stands for University of Bahrain (Bahrain)
  598. UOC stands for Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, the Open University of Catalonia (Spain)
  599. UoL stands for University of London
  600. UoP or UoPeople stands for University of the People (US)
  601. UOPX stands for University of Phoenix (US)
  602. UOU stands for Uttarakhand Open University (India)
  603. UP stands for Universidade do Porto (Portugal)
  604. UPC stands for Polytechnic University of Catalonia
  605. UPF stands for Pompeu Fabra University
  606. UPM stands for Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, the Technical University of Madrid (Spain)
  607. UPOU stands for University of the Philippines Open University (Philippines)
  608. UPRTOU stands for U.P. Rajarshi Tandon Open University (India)
  609. UPX stands for University of Phoenix (US)
  610. URJC stands for Rey Juan Carlos University (Spain)
  611. UQAM stands for the Université du Québec à Montréal (Canada)
  612. USDLA stands for the United States Distance Learning Association (United States)
  613. USM stands for Universiti Sains Malaysia (Malaysia)
  614. USOU stands for United States Open University (United States)
  615. USP (BR) stands for the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil) or:
  616. USP (FJ) stands for the University of the South Pacific (Fiji) (online learning)
  617. USQ (AU) stands for University of Southern Queensland (Australia)
  618. USV stands for Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava (Romania)
  619. UAPA stands for Open University for Adults (Dominican Republic)
  620. UT (NL) stands for University of Twente (Netherlands) - (we do not use the two-letter abbreviation) - or:
  621. UT (IN) stands for Universitas Terbuka (Indonesia) - (we do not use the two-letter abbreviation) - or:
  622. UT (EE) stands for University of Tartu (Estonia) - (we do not use the two-letter abbreviation)
  623. UT (en) stands for University of Texas (United States)
  624. UTIU stands for Università telematica internazionale UNINETTUNO (Italy)
  625. UTPL stands for Universidad Tecnica Particular de Loja (Ecuador)
  626. UU stands for Uppsala University
  627. UUK stands for Universities UK (United Kingdom)
  628. UvA stands for University of Amsterdam
  629. UVF stands for Université Virtuelle Francophone (Canada)
  630. UVPL stands for Université Virtuelle en Pays de la Loire (France)
  631. UVQ stands for Universidad Virtual de Quilmes (Argentina)
  632. UVT stands for Université Virtuelle de Tunis (Tunisia)
  633. UWI stands for University of the West Indies
  634. UWIDEC stands for University of the West Indies - Distance Education Centre
  635. UWO stands for University of Western Ontario (Canada)
  636. UWS stands for University of the West of Scotland (UK)
  637. VCRP stands for Virtual Campus Rhineland-Palatinate
  638. VCSE stands for Virtual Campus for A Sustainable Europe
  639. VCT stands for Virtual College of Texas‎ (US)
  640. VEBS stands for Virtual European Banking School
  641. VENUS stands for Virtual and E-mobility for Networking Universities in Society
  642. VFH stands for Hochschulverbund Virtuelle Fachhochschule (Germany)
  643. VGU stands for the Virtual Global University
  644. VHB stands for Bavarian Virtual University (Germany)
  645. VHBW stands for Virtual University Baden-Württemberg
  646. ViCaDiS stands for Virtual Campus for Digital Students
  647. VICTORIOUS stands for VIrtual Curricula ThrOugh Reliable InterOperating University Systems
  648. VIPA stands for VIrtual campus for virtual space design Provided for european Architects
  649. VirtUE stands for Virtual University for Europe
  650. VIRQUAL stands for Network for integrating Virtual Mobility and European Qualification Framework in HE and CE Institutions
  651. VLE stands for Virtual learning environment
  652. VM-BASE stands for Virtual Mobility Before and After Student Exchanges
  653. VMOU stands for Vardhaman Mahaveer Open University (India)
  654. VSERS stands for College of European and Regional Studies (Czech Republic)
  655. VSZDRAV stands for College of Nursing and Midwifery (Czech Republic)
  656. VU stands for Pakistan Virtual University or Virtual University of Pakistan
  657. VUB stands for Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium)
  658. VUSAT stands for Virtual University for the Semi-Arid Tropics (India)
  659. VUSME stands for Virtual University for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
  660. VUSSC stands for Virtual University for Small States of the Commonwealth
  661. VUT stands for Brno University of Technology
  662. W&K stands for Hogeschool voor Wetenschap & Kunst / University College for Sciences and Arts (Belgium)
  663. WADEA stands for the West African Distance Education Association
  664. WAOL stands for WashingtonOnline (US)
  665. WCEL stands for Waikato Centre for eLearning (New Zealand)
  666. WCET stands for Western Cooperative for Educational Telecommunications
  667. Webcampus of the Facultés Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix (FUNDP) (Belgium)
  668. WGU stands for Western Governors University (US)
  669. WHOLE stands for Web-based health Organisations Learning Environment
  670. WOU stands for Wawasan Open University
  671. WSEH stands for Academy of Humanities and Economics
  672. WTO stands for World Trade Organisation
  673. WyDEC stands for Wyoming Distance Education Consortium‎ (US)
  674. XML stands for Extensible Markup Language
  675. YCMOU stands for Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (India)
  676. YÖK stands for Yükseköğretim Kurulu, the Turkish for Council of Higher Education (Turkey)
  677. YRTVU stands for Yunnan Radio & TV University (China)
  678. ZFH stands for Zentralstelle für Fernstudien an Fachhochschulen (Germany)
  679. ZFUW stands for Zentrum für Fernstudien und Universitäre Weiterbildung (Germany)
  680. ZAOU stands for Zambian Open University
  681. ZOU stands for Zimbabwe Open University

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