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Special Issue of the journal "Education Sciences" on "Virtual Schools" (online K-12 providers)

Attention: All authors of journal articles about virtual schools!

The Special Issue aims to consolidate cutting-edge research and insights into K-12 virtual schools to serve as a comprehensive resource for researchers, policy makers, school leaders and virtual school teachers.

Its full title is "Virtual Schools for K-12 Education: Lessons Learned and Implications for Digital K-12 and Other Sectors of Education" (Guest Editors: Paul Bacsich, Sara de Freitas and Bieke Schreurs).

The deadline for submissions is now 1 October 2024.

Education Sciences is an international peer-reviewed open access journal.

Virtual Schools

(Legacy school pages currently being reviewed, see below for up to date list in progress) In a hurry? See Category:Virtual_schools

To list all the virtual schools in a country or region click on Special:RunQuery/List Virtual Schools by country

Wikipedia defines a virtual school as "an institution that teaches courses entirely or primarily through online methods". We impose the further restriction that the courses are similar (in purpose and outcome) to those normally taken by school-age children - but there may be a few students in the virtual school who are beyond school leaving age.

Lists of virtual schools

See categories at the bottom of the page for quick links to relevant initiatives.

Global Virtual Schools Map

This static map is generated using Leaflet Maps, featuring the schools checked as still in operation in 2023, listed below the map.

Please note this map is in progress (early stages of being populated).
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2024 List of virtual schools

Category in Progress (very early days)

See Category:Virtual schools 2023

List in Progress (early days)

In the past lists of schools were added to separate pages along with individual school pages. It remains our long-term aim to update all the old list (of over 500 virtual schools).

Howvever, as many users will obtain the information they require directly from a schools' website, a collapsible list is provided below of current, operational virtual schools with key information: country, institution and UR. This also reduces the number of clicks to locate information.

Remember if you become an editor on this wiki, you can edit this page and the information listed. We welcome edits to the list and further columns you feel would be most useful.


HO - Head Office.

2024 List of Virtual Schools (K-12)
Country Virtual school Website
Africa The African Virtual School https://sendfox.com/lp/m88482
Australia SIDE https://www.side.wa.edu.au/
Australia Southern Cross https://sthcrossc-d.schools.nsw.gov.au/
Australia Tasmanian eSchool https://www.tasmanianeschool.education.tas.edu.au/
Belgium Acadin https://www.acadin.nl/informatie/informatie-en-ontwikkelingen/
Belgium Bednet https://www.bednet.be/
Chile Colegio Online https://www.colegionline.com/que-es-colegio-online/
Denmark Wereldschool https://www.wereldschool.nl/afstandsonderwijs/
England Academus http://academus.org.uk/
England Brite School http://www.briteschool.co.uk/
England Cambridge Home School https://www.chsonline.org.uk/
England (HO), South Africa CambriLearn https://www.cambrilearn.com/
England Enjoy https://www.enjoyeducation.co.uk/
England EtonX https://etonx.com/
England Kings College Online https://www.kingscollegeonline.com/
England Kings InterHigh https://kingsinterhigh.co.uk/
England (HO), Australia, Japan,

South Africa, Malaysia

Nisai https://www.nisai.com
England Nord Anglia https://www.nordangliaeducation.com/
England Minerva Virtual Academy https://minervatutors.co.uk/homeschooling/virtual-academy/
England Oxford Home https://www.oxfordhomeschooling.co.uk/
England Sophia High School https://sophiahigh.school/
England The Net School https://www.net-school.co.uk/
England The Online School https://theonlineschool.uk/
England Wolseley Hall https://wolseyhalloxford.org.uk/
Estonia Audentes https://internationalschool.ee/
Finland eLukio http://www.elukio.fi/etusivu
Finland Nettiperuskoulu https://nettiperuskoulu.fi/
Finland Sotungin lukio https://sotunginlukio.vantaa.fi/fi
France CNED https://www.cned.fr/primaire
France Class Contact https://classcontact.be/
Germany Deutsche Fernshule https://www.deutsche-fernschule.de/
Germany Frankische Akademie e.V. https://www.abendgymnasien.de/index.html
Ghana LSIS Virtual School https://lsis.openapply.com/
India 21K School https://www.21kschool.com/
Ireland iScoil https://iscoil.ie/
Latvia Riga Distance Education Secondary School https://www.talmacibasvsk.lv/
Norway Globalskolen https://globalskolen.no/en/
Norway NKI https://www.nki.no/
Poland Szkola Online https://szkola-online.pl/
Poland Liberatus https://www.libratus.edu.pl/
Scotland CloudLearn https://cloudlearn.co.uk/
Scotland My Online Schooling https://myonlineschooling.co.uk
South Africa South African Virtual School https://www.campusnet.co.za/savs
South Africa Clonard Distance Edcation https://www.clonard.co.za/
South Africa (HO), USA Think Digital Academy https://www.thinkdigitalacademy.org/
Sweden NTI https://nti.se/
USA 21st Century Cyber Charter School https://21cccs.org/
USA ACCESS Virtual Learning https://accessdl.state.al.us/
USA American High School https://www.americanhighschool.org/
USA ACE Digital Academy https://www.acedigitalacademy.net/
USA Achieve Online https://www.d11.org/Achieve
USA Achievement House Online Charter School https://info.achievementcharter.com/public
USA Agora Cyber Charter School https://agora.org/
USA APS Online https://online.aurorak12.org/
USA ASPIRA Bilingual Cyber School https://www.abccs.org
USA EdOptions Academy https://www.edoptionsacademy.com/welcome
USA Illinois Virtual Schools and Academy https://illinoisvirtual.org/
USA Pinella Virtual School https://www.pcsb.org/Page/79

Useful Notes

Bednet and Class Contact connect sick children to their classroom virtually.

The following schools are all part of the Inspired Education Group Kings InterHigh, Kings College Online, My Online Schooling.

Legacy Lists

2020 List of virtual schools

The list curated for 2020 can be located here: Category:2020_Virtual_schools

2011 List of virtual schools

Our global list created in 2011 is at Category:Virtual schools - it is known not to have full coverage of US.

We also categorise virtual schools by major continental region

  1. Category:Virtual schools in Africa
  2. Category:Virtual schools in Asia
  3. Category:Virtual schools in Australasia
  4. Category:Virtual schools in Europe
  5. Category:Virtual schools in Latin America

Because of the large number of virtual schools in North America, they are categorised by US and Canada.

Soon it is expected that we will have:

  1. Category:Virtual schools in Caribbean
  2. Category:Virtual schools in Pacific and Indian ocean islands

For those countries where a lot of virtual schools are expected we also categorise by country. So far the list is:

  1. Category:Virtual schools in Australia
  2. Category:Virtual schools in Brazil
  3. Category:Virtual schools in Canada
  4. Category:Virtual schools in New Zealand
  5. Category:Virtual schools in South Africa
  6. Category:Virtual schools in Turkey
  7. Category:Virtual schools in the US

Some of these country categories seem too detailed, eg Turkey and South Africa. Others may be needed soon, e.g. for UK, Sweden and Finland.

Note that Ceased virtual schools (those that no longer exist) have their own category - Category:Ceased virtual schools

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