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Below is a small sample of a) national/regional policies (or draft policies) and b) products from the former OER World Map.

These are taken from the Category OER World Map.

The national/regional policies were loaded semi-automatically.

For the first automatic upload, see Category:OERWM_Products

An initial editing pass in the underlying database (held as a Unicode spreadsheet) allowed some minor updates, analyses and editing of the information, including checking URLs and ensuring consistency with and links to existing entries.

Further bulk loads are under consideration but we would welcome feedback on priorities and the most relevant fields to load.

  1. Académica
  2. Alberta/Open Educational Resources fund
  3. App inventor: Software licence
  4. Argentina/Gleducar - Intellectual Property
  5. Argentina/Juana Manso Plan
  6. Atomic Radius of BCC and FCC
  7. Australia/Proposed Policy on Intellectual Property
  8. Austria/Digital Strategy
  9. Austria/National Strategy on the Social Dimension in Higher Education
  10. Austria/OER certification at Austrian universities
  11. Austria/Open Innovation Strategy
  12. Austria/Recommendations for the integration of Open Educational Resources at universities
  13. Austria/School 4.0 digital
  14. Austria/University Development Plan 2022-27
  15. Bangladesh/Towards a National Policy on Open Educational Resources
  16. Bedework
  17. Blog Biblioteca Axarquía
  18. Botswana/Developing Regional OER Guidelines - Consultants Report
  19. Botswana/Regional OER Guidelines - proposals by COL
  20. Brandenburg/Open Access Strategy
  21. Brazil/Bill that proposes educational works financed by public funds should benefit all and be available for use by an open permit
  22. Brazil/Fiocruz Open Access to Knowledge Policy
  23. Brazil/National Guidelines and Standards for the Offering of Distance Learning Higher Education Programs
  24. British Columbia/Campus Open Textbook Project
  25. CAS
  26. Callographr
  27. Cameroon/ Developing Regional OER Guidelines in Cameroon - Consultants Report
  28. Cameroon/Regional OER Guidelines - proposals by COL
  29. Canada/Western Provinces Memorandum of Understanding on Open Educational Resources
  30. Chile/Law 17336 on Intellectual Property
  31. Chile/Training in Open Government
  32. Colombia/Resolution 001 of 2011
  33. Cyprus/Digital Strategy
  34. Czech Republic/Strategy for Education Policy
  35. Discourse
  36. DokuWiki
  37. Drupal
  38. Dspace
  39. EdShare
  40. Edusharing
  41. Elementari
  42. Eprints
  43. Fedora
  44. Fiplor
  45. GNU Image Manipulation Program
  46. GRAV
  47. Germany/Report of the Working Group of Representatives of the Federal States and the Federal Government on Open Educational Resources
  48. H5P
  49. ILIAS
  50. Inkscape

... further results


As noted by ISKME:

For the OER World Map Project, ISKME built a proof of concept for an interactive, scalable map to enable diverse stakeholders—educators, learners, policymakers, researchers, and funders—in identifying and accessing OER and providers in alignment with their needs and interests. As a geographical visualization, the map sought to give underrepresented communities a greater voice by highlighting their OER projects and linking them to the broader global community, and to support OER stakeholders and decision makers by providing OER policy data and education indicators to help these users to assess where OER might have (or has had) the greatest impact.