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List of national e-learning initiatives

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A national initiative refers to an initiative taken by a ministry or national agency in a country to set up a programme focussed on e-learning in tertiary-level institutions (universities and similar institutions - not schools).

Note that "national" may refer to an autonomous or semi-autonomous part of a country, e.g. Scotland or Catalonia - or even to one of the states or provinces in federal countries such as Australia, Canada, China, India or the US.

If the initiative involves more than one country but not many then it is not classified as a national initiative but as a multinational initiative.

If the initiative involves a supranational political grouping or range of countries in a region than it is called an international initiative.

Very often the national initiative will set up a consortium or generate a newly created institution of a unique nature in the nation involved. This leads to some overlap of the UNESCO classifications.

  1. Apertus Foundation
  2. BCcampus
  3. BIS
  4. Bavarian Virtual University
  5. Bulgarian Virtual University
  6. Campus Numériques
  7. Canadian Virtual University
  8. Centre National d'Enseignement à Distance
  9. Community Colleges Online
  10. Danish Virtual University
  11. DiploFoundation
  12. DoDEA Virtual High School
  13. Dutch Digital University
  14. Enhancement Academy
  15. Estonian e-Learning Development Centre
  16. Finnish Virtual University
  17. Fédération Interuniversitaire de l'Enseignement à Distance
  18. Gwella
  19. Hanoi Open University
  20. Hellenic Open University
  21. Interactive University
  22. Korea Virtual Campus
  23. Lithuanian Virtual University
  24. NHSU
  25. NIME
  26. National College for School Leadership
  27. National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning
  28. National Science and Technology Program for e-Learning in Taiwan
  29. Next Generation Learning Challenges
  30. Norway Opening Universities
  31. Online Learning Innovation Fund
  32. Open Training and Education Network
  33. Open Universities Australia
  34. Open University National Role
  35. Open University of Brazil
  36. Open University of Sudan
  37. Open University of Tanzania
  38. Pakistan Virtual University
  39. Pathfinder Programme
  40. Sulinet Digital Knowledge Base (SDT)
  41. Swedish Net University
  42. Swiss Virtual Campus
  43. TAFE Virtual Campus
  44. The Global university system
  45. The National E-learning Center
  46. Tiger University Program
  47. UKeU
  48. Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia
  49. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras
  50. Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia
  51. Universidade Virtual Publica do Brasil
  52. Virtual University Baden-Württemberg

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