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This page is for former news items.

2018 news

December 2018 - wiki will stay available all through 2019

The wiki will be used as the resource wiki for a new online course for teacher training course starting in April 2019.

February 2018 - wiki will stay available indefinitely if demand is there

The wiki will remain for the foreseeable future.

This wiki will remain open as long as the editors judge it to have relevance especially to a European audience. You can help us make the case if you let us know when you use or cite Re.ViCa pages.

The Editors are grateful to KU Leuven for hosting and technical support and to Matic Media Ltd for financial support of some hosting charges and editorial effort.

The contents of this wiki are now frozen, except for corrections and updates decided on by The Editors.

User codes and passwords for editors will be withdrawn in the next few months.

New wiki

If anyone is interested in continuing to edit please contact paul.bacsich AT sero.co.uk to discuss arrangements for them to gain editing rights on the new wiki http://virtual-learning.referata.com

This aims to hold an exact copy of this site. At present we believe that all content pages have been transferred but many files of images and diagrams are still in process of migration. At present users are welcome to browse it, and we appreciate any feedback.

Older news

2 October 2017 - updated Armenia and Georgia entries

See Armenia and Georgia

18 October 2016 - how to tag new edits for "when the last ship sails"

already-registered editors who wish to make edits can still do so, provided that their edits are new entries or updates of existing pages. To ensure that these new/modified pages are transferred editors should include the line


in their edit.

(PS the quote reference is to Tolkien not Sting)

14 October 2016 - page migration to archive wiki believed to be complete

The migration of all content pages to the active wiki http://virtual-learning.referata.com is believed to be complete. It remains to migrate the files (of images and reports).

We have put some new search and list pages on the active site - see the link on the Main Page.

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