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The University of Leicester is a research-led university based in Leicester, England, UK. Of its approximately 20,000 registered students, about 13,000 of them are full-time, with 7,000 part-time and/or distance learning students. The university was founded in 1927.

According to the 2004-2005 Annual Report, of 18,000 registered students, over 5,000 were enroled in Distance Learning courses.

In their strategic plan we can see that they want to increase the number of students in distance learning.

  • Sustaining our position as a major UK provider of postgraduate education and as the UK’s leading niche provider of distance-learning education.
  • Leading the UK in terms of innovation in teaching and learning through the application of e-learning.

In this university they have a huge experience in distance learning, we can see the number of students enroled in the last years.

The couse materials will be sent to the student house by post, like textbooks, and suggestions to create your own timetable. The library offer several services, e-books, e-journals, but if the student need a textbook the university send to him via post. For distance learning they also use the tool called blackboard. This kind of students also can use the distance learning network, created from a lot of universities, to know where take a look, the student has to ask to his department. The student will submit their essays and course work in the post; although some departments allow coursework to be emailed. Some courses include some examinations, which take place at centres that are local to the student. In this way of studying is very important the feedback that the student has with the teacher, for this reason they use e-mail or phone.

The University of Leicester web site is at http://www.le.ac.uk/


The University of Leicester uses Blackboard.

More details

The University of Leicester is a member of the 1994 Group, an association of middle-ranking universities in the UK who regard research as important but not to the excluision of excellent teaching.


This institution/programme was discussed as a case study in the Megatrends project in its second report, Megaproviders of e-learning in Europe (PDF - 212 pages - EN), 2007 (ISBN 978 82 562 88184).

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