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Before creating or editing pages on this wiki, please read our Guidelines below, and see the Wiki editing tutorial. Expert editors should also read Collating sequence.


  1. Always Log in with your personal user name before editing or creating any pages on this wiki. Be careful! After the general login, you will sometimes see your login name at the top right screen, but this sometimes changes into "Login/Create an account" when accessing a second page.
  2. Read the Naming scheme for this wiki.
  3. Visit the Wiki Editing Tutorial to learn more about editing this wiki.
  4. When saving your page, use the Summary and Minor Edit indicators at the bottom of the Save page to make reviewing pages easier for all users.
  5. Use the Templates when publishing new research:
    1. Merged template (this replaces the former Country template)
    2. Supraregion template for regions that are groups of countries
    3. Programme template (for HE and FE exemplars only)
    4. Other templates are under development - for a current list see Templates
  6. Try to avoid promotional texts
  7. View the MediaWiki's Help page
  8. VISCED editors should ensure that each page for VISCED is assigned to Category:VISCED.
  9. Finally, read the Disclaimer before you start:


This wiki is and will remain a work in progress. Many of the judgements that are made on institutions and entities are tentative and subject to further analysis by projects, often with the help of an Advisory Committee - and may be found challenging by some readers. The projects collect information on entities from many sources, several of which are not and may never be public.

Information on individuals is as far as possible collected from public sources and written in "curriculum vitae" fashion, focussing on their strengths and abilities and not on irrelevant personal information.

If any individual feels that information on them requires correction then it is within the spirit of the wiki approach for them to do that for their own entry if they are an authorised editor.

Questions about this wiki, a page or the project

You may ask a page-specific question in the Talk page by clicking on the Discussion tab above each page. There you can comment on and discuss the corresponding article. Please end your comment with four tildes in sequence, i.e. (--~~~~), which will transform into your Signature (example: --NikkiCortoos 11:13, 19 November 2008 (CET))

You may also ask your question on this Help page, in our Users' Questions subsection below.

Users' Questions

Please end your question with (--~~~~), as this will transform into your signature. You can also use the second button from the right on your formatting bar above the editing field (it looks like a signature). Follow this example:

For detailed information on wiki editing please see the Re.ViCa Wiki Editing Tutorial.

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