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Università telematica internazionale UNINETTUNO

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(for case study see UNINETTUNO - case study)

(see NETTUNO for Consorzio NETTUNO)

The International Telematic University UNINETTUNO (Università telematica internazionale UNINETTUNO, UTIU) supports purely online learning.

Based in Italy, it was established by Ministry Decree (April 2005) has been realised to valorise and enlarge the telematic didactic system settled by Consorzio NETTUNO (founded in 1992), and enlarged to the Euro-Mediterranean level thanks to the Med Net’U Project (Mediterranean Network of Universities- Eumedis Programme) in which a network was established among 31 partners of 11 countries of the Euromediterranean area, aimed at designing and realizing university courses at a distance in a multilingual format.

The International Telematic University UNINETTUNO is a unique institution where professors from prestigious universities worldwide teach in various languages in both real and virtual spaces on the Internet. The International Telematic University UNINETTUNO is fully owned by Consorzio NETTUNO and makes use of its experience, professional contents, technologies and financial resources.

With UNINETTUNO, the Universities of the different countries create shared knowledge networks together and cooperate to deliver multilingual international university degrees at a distance. The courses are purely online, delivered through the learning environment on the Internet, developed by the University in a multilingual format: both content and interface are available in Arabic, French, English, Italian and Spanish. The University has also two NETTUNO satellite television channels (RAINETTUNO SAT 1 and 2) that broadcast 48 hours at day didactic materials produced by the University. The didactic offer of the University (5 Faculty and 7 Degrees) is designed and realised according to the Bologna Declaration (3+2) and structured in Credits (ECTS).

The University has a great deal of experience in international research programme cooperation, started in 1994. A particularly important aspect has been the experience of designing common curricula shared a the European and Euro-mediterranean level implemented by the LIVIUS (Learning in Virtual Integrated University System) and Med Net’U projects.

The University also operates in the research and in the training field in the framework of Virtual Mobility, started in 2003, with the cooperation in several European projects in the sector Virtual Campuses of the E-learning programme (HEAL - Higher Education E-Learning courses Assessment and Label, REVE, REal Virtaul Erasmus Project; E-MOVE, An Operational Conception of Virtual Mobility; VENUS, Virtual and E-mobility for Networking Universities in Society).

UNINETTUNO is Partner 8 of the ReViCa project, based in IT (Italy).

Its web site is http://www.uninettunouniversity.net

For the case study see UNINETTUNO - case study.

See also Consorzio NETTUNO.]


UNINETTUNO uses a proprietary e-learning platform that implements the UNINETTUNO psycho-pedagogical model. The e e-learning platform is compliant with international e-learning standards such as SCORM.

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