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Logo of Sero Consulting Ltd, in Sheffield, UK

Sero Consulting Ltd (Sero) is an education, skills and economic development consultancy specialising in teaching and learning innovation through use of new technologies and development of digital skills - to enable personal, social and economic development. Much of the focus is on developing creativity and enterprise, particularly in the schools and post-16 (college) sector.

Sero develops strategies and action plans, manages and disseminates programmes, researches and evaluates new developments, working at regional, national and international level. Sero integrates communications into its programmes wherever possible.

The work draws on background in the creative/cultural and digital industries and covers the spectrum of education and training provision from schools to further and higher education, and from Work-Based Learning to Personal and Community Development.

Our aim is to make innovative and excellent contributions to the projects we work on and, in doing so, to support our partners.

For further details see http://www.sero.co.uk, http://www.serocreative.co.uk and http://www.serohe.co.uk

Sero and this wiki

In the years 2009-18 Sero staff made substantial contributions to this wiki, as noted at Virtual Education Wiki:Site support

These staff included

  1. Paul Bacsich
  2. Giles Pepler
  3. Nick Jeans
  4. Barry Phillips

and several others.